Animal Fear Lyrics By Marika Hackman | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Marika Hackman

Album Name: We Slept at Last (Deluxe Edition)


Lyrics To Animal Fear

I’ve been weeping silent like a wound
Won’t you stitch me up, or let the blood soak through?
Watching my world turn from white to maroon
Ignore my clothes, look into my eyes
And convince us both that I’ll last through the night
I could land on my feet if I tried
I never jumped a chasm so wide
And made it to the opposite side

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Even now as we are standing here
I can see the doubt in your eyes
I can smell the animal fear
(I can smell the animal fear)

Feel my body trembling: fur and teeth
I won’t bite, oh did I speak too soon?
Treacherous night that admires the moon
And she calls my name, and I howl her tune
With the hunter slain by the clair of the moon
I was braced with my face to the skies
But I was not a heavenly child
A savage with a temperament wild

Even here as we are standing now
I can see the fear in your eyes
I can taste the sweat I your brow
I can smell the animal fear

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(I can smell the animal fear)

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