Andromeda Strain Lyrics By Nocturnus | Video Song

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Artist/Band Name: Nocturnus

Album Name: The Key

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Andromeda Strain

The Key
Andromeda Strain
Modern warfare of today
Brings forth a new technology
Killing through Scientific means
Destroy the world with technology
Now we’ll see what is to be


Cloud masses concentrate
Osmosis fills the sky

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Scattered remains,bodies left to decay
On this disease stricken earth,plague of Andromeda Strain

Affected by the gas
Reduce them to subhuman form

As i glimpse at,swelled up corpses
infested with, radiated insects

Global chaos-Mass confusion
The conclusion-Of a dying world

Mankind death is close at hand
The world is hanging by a strand
The key to an oblitered land
No one seems to understand

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