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Artist/Band Name: Runrig

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Lyrics To And We’ll Sing

I am going away,
in the hour of my days,
A warm away place still holds you
I will see you again,
in the soft summer rain
Where the hills turn again,
to the ocean

Take my heart take my hand,
on this ground where we stand
We’re the last of the land,
in our glory
We are old,
we are young
We are one we are strong
And we’ll walk ever on,
to our glory

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And we’l sing,
And we’ll sing
Of the ties that bind forever
We will sing

Had we but understood,
Had we but loved as we should
But the braids of the girl,
from the burning
So lay me down in your fields
On the pastures of green
Where the clear running streams are flowing

And we’ll sing,
And we’ll sing,
Of the ties that bind forever
We will sing

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