And She Don’t Even Know Lyrics By Crooked I feat. Soopafly & Kobe | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Crooked I feat. Soopafly & Kobe

Album Name: Psalm 82:6


Lyrics To And She Don’t Even Know

And she don’t even know the business
Here I go again man cheating on my mistress
And she don’t even know the business
Here I go again man cheating on my mistress
And she don’t even know the business
Here I go again man cheating on my mistress
My team go beta, resource cost secrets
Kind of ironic I’m here on some creep shit
Freak shit, Chardonnay and a back brown
Knocking it down romantic G shit
We don’t even smoke both got the leaflet
The few on the balcony is sea sick
She said her body is my property
So the both pair pink lips
I got the pink slip
But these lips are sealed
Cause I do know I sink ships
As I drink sips
Oh the pizza arrived, sitting on the rocks
Different kind of ice sitting on the watch
Licking on her box like the well payed killer
Pussy assassinated by a self made niggaBody like a porn star
In a head game killer, killer, killer, killer, killer
Somebody must’ve taught you well
Shorty sure is a keeper
I ain’t never gonna trip on who you see
Just make sure you bust it down for meSee you don’t even know what the time is
Girl you go again nosy, sinus
Yea bitches gon’ be on me promise
I never love ’em always fuck a bitch highness
But never this talking
I’m rough but it’s not
When it’s time to get to lovin’
Deepen that muffin, blue berry kush
Got enough bottom weed for the whole month
My bitch still in fly as nothing
Craving so much ice and gold
When I pipe it slow
I’m like king Minos fucking
Baby lookin’ like time well
Spend on top of this bad ass 9 inch dick
The future of flying sick
Lavish like a bow tie event
Grab this microphone while we drift off
Into a dimension of a life we missed
Bullet twice be a blissAnd she don’t know what going on
Wife here all alone while I’m getting my mogul on
Pick up the wine crackers in the cove alone
Driving a car with a house calling it my mobile home
Top floor the rich my bitch there waiting
Voices in my head I hear a pimp narrating my life
You wanna know the way I truly do it then
Put a max jewely in movie in beauty and the beast
Juicy ass, booty in the Louie V panties
I remove ’em then I stick the bazooka in
She started out Nubian as Estelle’
Til I fuck her pearl as Adele
She bent over hands on the rail
Cause she lost the coin toss
She called heads I called tail
On my way home, I’m smelling like my new chick
Wife be there horny, she got me working two shifts

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