American Low Life Lyrics By R.A. the Rugged Man | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: R.A. the Rugged Man

Album Name: American Low Life


Lyrics To American Low Life

American lowlife (lowlife)
Yo, c’mon
(You dirty, crusty, ass, lowlife)

[Verse 1]
Yo, yo
You got a problem? Tell me, let’s handle this
We can do this in the parking lot, bang fists, some Rugged Man shit
I’m suicidal, ain’t the issue
I feel like playing games, Russian roulette, with a fully loaded pistol
Hold down, can you feel it? I break that shit
Brought that fat chick with you, I take that bitch
I love this, now who wanna try to take me
I take it to the ground, grapple like Royce Gracie
Shit ain’t all sweet, talk is cheap
I’m the white dude, you see me in the club, dancing all off beat
Inspiration, no one, don’t poke fun
No gun with you, how you gon’ cause commotion?
I hate the whole world, wait the whole world hate me
My whole family, looking at me strange lately
Born to be wild, born evil, dangerous
Born lethal, I was born to skeeve people

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American lowlife, dirt bag, my team
Smelly armpits, bad breath, low hygiene
What do I mean? Smell me, rub my belly
Call my celly up and tell me (Yo, yo, you dirty)
I’m unhealthy
American lowlife
(You dirty, crusty, ass, lowlife)
Lowlife, lowlife, American lowlife
(You dirty, crusty, ass, lowlife)

[Verse 2]
When I see you, walk away, best duck down
Smack you in your face in front of your bitch, what now?
No education, white trash moron
Doing 360s in the parking lot at Waldbaum’s
In the hooptie, playing mailbox baseball
On the playground, shooting little kids with paintballs
Crucify you, real life Stigmata
You trying to win fights, running backwards like Oscar
Dirty white boy, dirty dirty, filthy filthy
Half hillbilly, half the world wanna kill me
Come and get some, underground rap legend
Call bitches birds, call birds Tippi Hedren
Cops and robbers, hop fences, run through your backyard
I’m the type that try to act large
In the Chinese whorehouse, get my back massage
I get your bitch pregnant, you take the bitch to Lamaze

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[Verse 3]
Hold up, you see me wild out, that’s what I do
Get arrested, starting riots, me and my crew
I won’t sign autographs, I’m unfriendly
Out in Long Isl’, Rakim, E-P, M-D
B-E, we be, R-U-G
G-E-D, S-T-R, E-E-T
One man gang, whole world vs. me
Blood thirsty, I’ll be dead before I’m 30
Born to be a failure, paraphernalia, in my glove box
Underage chick that love to suck cocks
In the backseat, driving with no license
Cops following, running down fire hydrants


(Dirty, crusty, ass
You dirty, crusty, ass, lowlife)

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