Aluminum Lyrics By Orbit Culture | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Orbit Culture

Album Name: In Medias Res


Lyrics To Aluminum

Oh, this weakened flesh crumbling all over
My every cell screams out in torment
Let it be heard, my sinister story
I must go on

Feel the wind, let it rain,
Healing my wounds
I will fall, so lend me
The golden hand

I’ll rebuild my strength, I must go on
I, of flesh and blood, bringer of life

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I’m only fooling myself
With my own lies

Signal it through stars
Wishing for help
Relive the glory
My life feels all hollow

You need new powers to beat me
So run and hide
My inner forces shall keep me sober

Oh, I see an end far in the distance
A citadel towering the skies
Let it be heard, that our hero was guided
I must go on

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