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Artist/Band Name: Fuck the Facts

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Lyrics To Alone

Tame amber lights, orange basking my fatigued limbs.
winds that tell me all the truth.
no more aiding withered signs.
a crash course, in belief, between walking and sleep.
I left it all.
and forever blind, and forever jaded.
you can leach on and male excuses for only so long before the cards come crashing down.
for once in your life, for once, just one time, just once, make yourself worthy of respect.
them, you and I until the swarm becomes lost in the suffering.
I found no escape, your time will come.
this day is?
we are?
and yet we all remain hanging, always and ever bitter full.
the ills, the mis-fortunes that left blood onto our hands, traces in our past.
narcissisticain, come closer, come closer my dear.

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