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Artist/Band Name: Lalah Hathaway

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Lyrics To Admit It

when i look into your eyes you don’t see me.
i can hear it in your voice you don’t need me.
guess i was missing all the signs.
somehow i didn’t realize you where changing down inside.
About to walk out of my life.

You may not want to admit that its over.
I don’t want to believe love can be done and over.
you may try to deny all the signs and hide, but baby its time…
that we admit that is over.
when i ask what’s on your mind baby, did you hear me.
Tell me what happened to the time, when you had to be near me.
um hummm.
Once we were two halves of one whole, you know you lived inside my soul.
One day you took yourself away.
Left me here wondering what to say.
You may not be able to admit that is over.
Just Admit it.
I do not want to believe that love can be done and over.
Don’t want to believe it.
You may try to deny all signs and hide, but baby it’s time.
When i look back on love and all the things we were guilty ofall the words i should’ve said and how you always walked ahead of me.
tell me how could i have been so naive.
Now and then thoughts have crossed my mind, love was missing.
Maybe i knew somewhere inside, but i didn’t want to listen, no no, .
whoa .
So why did you poor me through the kind of silly shit men do?
it’s a mystery to me, but at least now i know the truth, heh yeah.
you may not be able to admit that its over, just Admit it.
i don’t want to believe that love can be done and over.
why don’t you tell it to my eyes.
but baby its time that we admit it, that it’s over.
just Admit it.

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