Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder – Live Lyrics By Loudon Wainwright III | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Loudon Wainwright III

Album Name: Career Moves


Lyrics To Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder – Live

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
And the mind begins to wander back to happier days
I guess you could say you were taken for granted
I went on and on and I raved and I ranted
Oh my tyrannical ways

But now things are different cause now you are gone
And I’m not so sure that I can carry on
I always knew you were important to me
But now I know you are a necessity, otherwise
I’d start to go insane

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Things weren’t easy when we were together
We had plenty of days of lousy weather
But now I’m in a hurricane
And I’m gonna greive, and I’m gonna moan
Cause you’re not here and I’m all alone

The joke’s on me you get the last laugh
I’ve found out the hard way who is my better half
And now I’m the worse for the wear
When I see you again expect some champagne wine
And on Valentine’s Day expect a valentine
Cause now I know how much I care, how much I care

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