A Treasure At Silver Bank Lyrics By Preston School Of Industry | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Preston School Of Industry

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To A Treasure At Silver Bank

A treasure at silver bank gold was mined
In happier times, 28 days out in the field
Look at the moment as if it were your own
The sun is baking electrical

It’s a polyester bright day now
And the dinosaurs are for real
Did you think they weren’t?
Jets are breaking sound

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My feet still stuck into the ground
Hoping to elapse this feeling
That I’ve found but I’m stuck here
Looking straight back at home

A bee has stung my open eyes
What does that do for you eyesight
It’s not about misunderstanding
A feudal lord and their solo planning

A home needs what a home breeds
And you know this suburb brings disease
50 minutes till the muses needs put you out
The trees jets are breaking sound

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