A Song to Comfort the Sick Lyrics By Good Luck | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Good Luck

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To A Song to Comfort the Sick

I‘m weighing down the covers of my bed.
I feel so heavy from the silence of what wasn’t said.
Though it’s dark in here I see fluorescent lights above your head, making me green cause they’re looking over you instead.
Oh how I wish I was a helpful one.
But I can’t be the one who’s hovering ’round always asking you what’s wrong.
This distance grew up carelessly but how easily it keeps me from needing to be there when you need me there.
I hope when you need me there I’ll show up again and keep you warm and make the bed and hold a washcloth to your perspirating forehead.
But you think a lover, not a friend, will drive those secret demons in though the silence is the place that they begin.
Oh yes the silence is the place that they begin.
I spent a lot of time just figuring that out, friend.
So if there’s something wrong inside me I hope some other soul will find me here in this aging set of skin, ’cause these are the bodies we’re stuck in.
And if I had it all to do again I’d have driven over before they checked you in.

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