A Soldier’s Dead Lyrics By Max Pie | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Max Pie

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To A Soldier’s Dead

Fight… I had to be there Just one versus one
Time for the show
And few more rounds to go

You know… Fight for survive was the reason why
Like a soldier… Trainer so hard… that’s the reason why

Strike it – strike it
Some kicks now breaking his bone
He shall fall… to the ground
I’ve the lead, no surprise

We’re on warzone!
Much blood in his eyes…
Won’t surely be a draw
Hard punches more to throw…

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Time to beat… that’s the reason why Ohohohhhohhhhhh

In my head once more
You, lying on the floor
They said That a soldier’s dead

Won’t live forever
But no future for loser
One line in the contract we signed

Desperately paid…

To tell the truth I know… I know
You’re gone but I pray for you

We lived our passions With tears and emotions
Searching answers as we can

So many things pass through my head
But there’s so much to tell

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Right now Right now
War… gives pain and sorrow

Another pray to dry my eyes
Another pray for stopping lies
Another pray ‘cos people die

Desperately and deadly paid…

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