A Retinue of Moons / The Infidel In Me Lyrics By Rasputina | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Rasputina

Album Name: Oh Perilous World

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To A Retinue of Moons / The Infidel In Me

A retinue of moons, of icy moons
They illuminate the land
And they make me thing of you
What sunk silently
To the depths of a mystery
A clue that only
one scientist knew

Who knew that the sky is now found to contain
Benzene and methane and chalk
And bloody mud, muddy blood from the sky
From the sickly sweet wings of Edith’s Checkerspot Butterfly?
They die in the ocean
Their legs are broken
The rain slows their flight as it soaks their wings

A microphone will listen for thunder
The telephone will dial the number
To deliver a, a clearer picture
Of weird wet weather
This puts all previous discoveries in doubt
These are things we have theories about

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Overhead two sky titans
They collide in slow motion
While over the Ice Tongue, fluid flows
A 1000-foot thick chunk of sediment is exposed
Your own special home

A choking, vapor-laced haze
Obscured by acid rain
Enveloping everything
On the edge of the Milky Way
Am I the infidel?
I thought it was supposed to be someone else
But I see now it’s me
I am my own worst enemy

Just think of it
The sequence of the incidents was intricate
So brilliant yet illegitimate
Not disastrously but triumphantly
When we met in the secret facility
I said, (you remember what I said)
“It’ll be easy for you to recognize me
By the coils of concentina wire
surrounding my head in a shiny halo
of sharp blades.”

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“There are people here
That would do you great harm
So please, just try to stay calm
And I’ll get you through this,”
You whisper
And with that, my illegance had shifted

The betrayal, the delusions
My Quantico rejection
The isolation, the breakdowns
And mysterious injections
Ay ay oh way, the infidel is me

Then it was I
The lone futurist leading scores of resistors
Armed with tridents
But you’re not there

Why can’t you come in from the cold?
Why can’t you come in from the cold
To make an unlikely alliance with me?

Why don’t you come in from the cold?
Why don’t you come in from the cold
To make an unlikely alliance with me

Ay ay oh way, the Infidel is me

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And in defiance of our alliance
I say, go away and lick your wounds
And when you get them really clean again
You can dream away your dark dream

Ay ay oh way, the Infidel is me.

Billy K. Hicks

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