4 Hours & 20minutes Lyrics By Killa Kyleon | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Killa Kyleon

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Lyrics To 4 Hours & 20minutes

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Now some of these niggas is so deceptive
Usin’ my style, pimpin’ you foul
Want to be the top gun son, though Spitta don’t have a child
’96 Impala digit dash read a hundred miles and
Runnin’ straight rhyme, butta layin’ the lace
Sweet revenge, funnel cakes, watch the bulls and pony race
Lamborghini Ferrari shoot-out, at the grand prix
V-12 screamin’ like a banshee
Pokemon, try to catch ’em all before them hoes get out the parking lot
Bitches who tryna to move up, be quick to choose us
Shorty say she dig my music, but sometimes I lose her
Open up her mind, pass that rapper weed over to her
Free game, you should sponge it up mama, loofah
Loser, used her, sent her back to you a lil’ bit looser
Roofless, coupes is, vicious, shit rootless
Two triple black C5s, double homicide

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[Hook: Curren$y] (X1)
Jet life to the next life, alright
And onto H-Town, ride and smoke all night
Igloo fool, keep it cool, on ice
Jet life to the next life, alirght

[Verse 2: Killa Kyleon]
Ridin’ first class, Killa
Cut the check, hand me my boardin’ pass
They look up to the Jets
We lookin’ down at them unloaded ass
Walk it, like I talk, like I bought it outta politics
Benjamin, Jackson, Hamilton – bitch I’m into politics
Republicancs and Democrats, but sorry I’m not into that
Direct me to them paper planes, now where them pretty women at
White cups, got ’em double stacked, my SS like a hovercraft
Soarin’ through them kush clouds, yeah that’s where I hover at
I’m lovin’ that, Jet life to the next life
I elope with that money, broke is my ex-wife
Killa split her, pass her like a doobie, and let Spitta hit her
Killa splitter, I can even get her if her nigga with her (haha)
Pimpin’ on my priest shit, Dynamite Willie
Heart cold when it comes to TLC, I’m chilli
Lookin’ for a sucka? well, you got the wrong rapper
That ain’t my lifestyle, you took off the wrong wrapper
I’m a Magnum!

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