24K Rap Lyrics By J Dilla

Artist/Band Name: J Dilla

Album Name: Jay Stay Paid

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

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Lyrics To 24K Rap

H-A-V-O, I’m iller, rocking over Dilla
Paint a picture clearer than a mirror
I come from that era where everything matters
Lyrics counting for something, careers got shattered now
Everybody’s rock stars, who am I to knock ’em though
Daring something, if you do, you fall like a domino
Smoke a little tropical, niggas is so comical
But I been stopped laughing a long time ago
Ain’t nothing funny, head knocked off shoulders
Everytime I spit, it’s like I put the game to the cobra
Babies to the game it’s I’m pushing they strollers
Coming at me sideways, they in a rush to get older
First round is over
I ain’t playing with them, no, I wake ’em up like Folgers
I’m a general, believe that, ya’ll nothing but soldiers
Like Cee, I’m a finisher, the number one closer

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[Hook: Raekwon, Havoc]
I’m about my business
Don’t worry bout me, homey, mind your business
Cuz this is grown folks business
Nothing to do with you, so just mind your business
All day, every day, about my business
Niggas keep talking, I’mma pop the biscuit
Keep playing, have your brain leaking that liquid
Sit back, enjoy, the flow

Yo, we project livers, lick that liver
Run with a bag of cash and flip that wig up
Won’t deny it, holding iron, flows is giant
Catch you with nine keys, supplying
Come to my town, strap up
Underground kings with the crown, black down and blacked up
Reefer is the greatest, paid us, Las Vegas, nineteen a pop
Catch me up top famous
Everything on my wrist, Swiss made
Run up in the Gucci shop, Glock warm, give me the Crys’ suade
Everybody living to get paid
Everybody make it out the hood, or get sprayed or get grazed
Yeah, yo, my style is trifyn’
Anything on my neck, hands is lightning
Come tear it down, I might sing
Never on a stand, only my writing hand with bright lens
With seal, baby bro

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Yeah, beast mode, H-A-V-O
Dudes get popped, snitches sing like Ne-Yo
That’s why you always catch me rocking for dolo
Police putting pressure, niggas acting all homo
Can’t fuck with em, puff on that piff then they analyze
Looking for what it is, watch for the landmines
Run but you can’t hide, lyrical landslide
Homicide, know about you, but I got mines
Grind like the gears on a Porsche, I’m so driven
Foot to the pedal, I’m heavy footed, there’s no limit
No gimmick, what you see is what you get it
No skinny jeans, only thing fitting is my fitted
Knowhatimean? Some of ya’ll won’t get it
I do my own thing, hold to my pivet
Yeah, life can be a bitch, but we live it
To the fullest, niggas just made cuz we chilling

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