11:59 Lyrics By Chief Kamachi | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Chief Kamachi

Album Name:

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To 11:59

(Chorus) 2x
We near the end of time
11:59 is the sky falling
Will the Heavens realign?
Is the sun there?
Will we ever see it shine?
The world gon’
I already see the signs

[Chief Kamachi]
Feel the Rapture, the mysterious here and after
World disasters predicted by forecaster
No medical aid, incredible plague
No anesthesia, still amputated the leg
Just a memory where a families skeletons laid
Scientists still study how melanin’s made
Thousand degrees even in the mellowest shade
When the Earth shake
The worst fake fellas afraid
On their knees praying
Hoping there’s a chance to be saved
Don’t wanna see the Reaper
Do the dance on their grave
When Mother Nature be packing enough power
She could break the street storming, alarming
Never forsake the meek, one of the domest
Known to put ’em straight to sleep
Niggas starving, but do you recommend I take to eat
No energy to talk that’s why I hate to speak
Felt like the whole world gon’ up against the weak

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(Chorus) 2x

[Chief Kamachi]
Are these the age of Revelations?
Poor, no education, they feeling in every nation
The war and the devastation, change is near
Will they try to bomb another plane this year?
Do I have to start dressing my children up in terrain and gear?
Sunny for a second, nothing but the rain appear
Still in the hood, dying for a chain to wear
Distorted rap dream, thinking the fame is near
The Judgments’ coming, whole lotta pain to bear
Was given choices, Heaven or the Hell I fear
Try my best to shine, divine with a stellar glare
Life ain’t present you really think a fella care?
The walk street of misery, it’s hard to sell a cellar’s share
Yeah! I think the Earth already gon’
Yeah! We been cursed for all our wrongs
Yeah! Find a path to go along
Yeah! Cuz the wrath is gon’ strong

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(Chorus) 2x

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